8 Ways to Make Visitors Fall in Love with your Website

In the world , alots of website on the internet . Everyone want  our website on higher rank so here i am describing you how to create our website interactive so users will love our website and visit again and again .


Firstly our site is attractive and related to target audience.

 Firstly By this my mean is that our website designing are user attractive like when they open our website they like our designs of pages and add the attractive font and images in our pages .

Also focus on that , which details are required to the user is this on our website or not . Because if the our website are not giving the useful details then user will not visit our website . We will never want user will leave our website from the first page . so be carefully and create our Website Designs very attractive and useful . like we are creating a website for the children’s product the we can add their cartoony images and color full font and animation and different types of things that is likes by children .Other Thing if we are creating are website that is related to the girls beauty product then we can add their attractive image for the girls and animation.

Objective of the website

Here we concentrate on that what is the purpose of the our website ? Our website is for sell your product or services or both? Is it meant to create and interest for community , is this knowledge based etc ?? if you don’t know what you need from the website , you won’t get it . We have to concentrate , which type of Website design we are Designs like

  • Static website design.
  • Dynamic website design.
  • Custom website design.
  • E-commerce website design.
  • Worpress website design.

Strategic alignment for website

We have to assume that your marketing Strategy moves your business Forward , it is also important that our web Strategy moves your Marketing  initiative froward . It means identifying the Key audience of your website Based om demography and psychography patterns . It means locking down the challenges encountered and your communication objectives by these audience groups . After that it means thinking about the content and functionality that could Help Address the Challenges and communicate your message.


Understand psychology of color and add on page           way

Blue : Loyalty , tranquility , Stability

Yellow : Happiness , youth , optimism

Green : healing , success , hope

Block : power , professionalism , mystery

White : innocence , purity , cleanliness

Red : Intercity , passion

Purple : Royalty , luxury

Understand these word very clearly and add these word where we use these types of impression in our website .


Easy Navigation of the Website

In this ,we have to navigation are very easy and simple to reached our website. Navigation needs to be simple and intuitive , allowing for users to find our website or just what they want in couple of second .

Users should not have to go through several pages to our website they want easy to reached there where they want to go in two second like pages , blog . If your is an  E- commerce website , ensure that the checkout that is smooth , and only necessitates a click or two to tale them to the payment to page .


Increase website load speed

  • Reduce server response time.
  • Enable browser caching .
  • Minimize HTTP Request
  • Optimize css delivery
  • Enable compression
  • optimize images
  • Reduce the number of plugins in your site
  • Reduce re-directs


Social media Presence

On the internet a lots of people are using the social media so we have the presence on social media . Because more of people using social media so allow the visitor to go your website by the post of Facebook or twitter or other social media sides with just click on the link with “click to twit ” or “share on Facebook ”.


Ask a question that’s easy to answer

When the visitor visit our website then he/she has a question for us .

The solution is to ask question like “what frustrate you” or “what ‘s your favorite tool for such and such ”. those types of question require almost no thought to answer , and so they get a lots of comment.