Professional E commerce website 

E commerce is the method of buying and selling product online .The e-commerce process are done on the electronic machine. The full form of the e-commerce is electronic commerce means buying and selling online. The e- commerce website design are created for buying things from the company’s website like amazon , flipkart etc.

The electronic commerce technologies are mobile commerce , e commerce website , data collection etc

       Type of e commerce:

  • Business to Business (B2B).
  • Customer to Customer(C2C).
  • Business to Consumer(B2C).
  • Consumer to Business(C2B).
  • Business to Administrator(B2A).
  • Consumer to Administrator(C2A).


       Advantage of e commerce website

The most cited good thing about e-commerce is its cost-effectiveness. the common overheads of a physical business establishment are merely unaffordable for several entrepreneurs.To those costs, add the actual fact that almost all normal leases endure a amount of three years. Surely, putting in place a good-quality e-commerce website will have a price, however it will ne’er be compared to the costs simply mentioned.

Another good thing about e-commerce solutions needs to do with the big selection of decisions on the market in terms of promoting, advertising, and exposure to potential customers. E-commerce sites enable business house owners to advertise mistreatment social media, pay-per-click, program optimization, banner ads, affiliate selling, and lots of others.

The principle just like the customers’ because of view is important growth and saves of a while and eases get right of entry to from anywhere inside the globe. consumer will location a purchase order at any time.

the most edges of e commerce for customers are as follows:

  • Decreased group action expenses for participating alternate in the course of a marketplace.
  • Improved consolation – transactions may be created twenty four hours each day, at the same time as now not requiring the bodily interaction with the commercial enterprise.
  • Time saving- helper should purchase or sell any product at any time with the help of internet.
  • Speedy and non-stop get entry to to information Customer may have less difficult to get entry to information check on absolutely one of a kind web sites at the press of a button.
  • comfort-all the purchases and income can be achieved from the comfort sitting a home or running location or from the place a client desires to.
  • Switch to others organizations-client will absolutely alternate the corporate at any time if the provider of a employer isn’t always high-quality.
  • Consumer should buy a product that isn’t always reachable in the local or country wide marketplace, which resources patron a wider vary of get right of entry to to product than before.